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Summarize web articles with an experimental AI-powered tool.

Added on January 9

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The site leverages Full-Text RSS for article extraction, ensuring the summaries are based on the complete article text.

Key Features:

  1. AI-powered summarization: Utilize OpenAI technology to create concise article summaries.
  2. Full-text article extraction: Extract complete article text using Full-Text RSS software.
  3. Free service: Access at no cost to experience its powerful summarization capabilities.
  4. Developer-friendly APIs: Encourages developers to use the same APIs for their projects.

Use Cases:

• Quickly summarize web articles to save time and improve comprehension.

• Extract full-text content from articles for thorough analysis and understanding.

• Enhance your web-based projects by integrating's developer-friendly APIs.

• Stay updated on service developments by joining the email list.

Experience the power of AI-powered summarization with, an experimental tool designed to help you quickly and efficiently grasp the essence of web articles. Video Review Reviews

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