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Language model that uses auto-regressive techniques to generate text.

Added on August 2, 2023

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StableBeluga2 Features

StableBeluga2 is an advanced and open-source AI language model developed by Stability AI, leveraging the power of auto-regressive techniques to generate text. The model has been fine-tuned with the extensive Llama2 70B dataset, ensuring its versatility and capability to produce high-quality text.

ey Features:

  1. Open-source AI model: StableBeluga2 is an open-source AI language model developed by Stability AI.
  2. Fine-tuned with Llama2 70B dataset: The model is fine-tuned using a large dataset, enhancing its capabilities.
  3. Auto-regressive techniques: StableBeluga2 employs auto-regressive techniques for generating text.
  4. User-friendly HuggingFace Transformers library: Implemented using HuggingFace Transformers for efficiency and ease of use.

Use Cases:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) research
  • Text generation and completion tasks
  • Language modeling experiments and analysis

StableBeluga2 is a powerful AI language model that offers advanced text generation capabilities while promoting open-source accessibility for NLP research and experimentation.

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