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Enables teams to collaborate and communicate with OpenAI's GPT language models.

Added on September 26, 2023

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Squad GPT Features

SquadGPT is a versatile tool that empowers teams to collaborate and communicate with OpenAI's GPT language models effectively. It's designed for a wide range of team-based situations, including but not limited to hiring/interviewing, tutoring, group study, brainstorming, gaming, problem-solving, and employee onboarding.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • Team Collaboration: Enables teams to work together with AI models for various collaborative tasks.
  • Cost Control: Provides cost visibility and control over AI usage, allowing businesses to assess AI costs versus value.
  • Safety and Data Privacy: Prioritizes safety and data privacy, ensuring that data submitted via the API is protected and not accessed.
  • Rules for AI: Allows users to create rules for backend AI models in the future, enhancing control over data access.
  • Standard "System" Messages: Access to the standard "System" messages of the AI.
  • Customization (In Development): Ongoing work to offer finer-grained access to AI-bound messages and expand the range of AI models for different tasks.

User Benefits:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitates teamwork by enabling communication with AI models.
  • Cost Visibility: Provides insights into AI costs to help businesses evaluate its value.
  • Data Protection: Prioritizes data privacy and security.
  • Control Over AI: Allows for creating rules for AI behavior.
  • Access to Standard Messages: Provides access to standard "System" messages.
  • Customization (Future): Expanding customization options for AI behavior and preferences.


SquadGPT is a collaborative tool that enables teams to interact with OpenAI's GPT language models for various team-based tasks. It offers cost control, prioritizes safety and data privacy, and aims to provide finer customization options in the future. It empowers enterprises to leverage AI within their teams effectively while maintaining control and data security.

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