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SplashAI is a powerful tool that combines a Figma plugin, search engine, and AI image generator to help designers generate ideas quickly and efficiently.

Added on July 14, 2023

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SplashAI Features

SplashAI is a versatile tool designed to streamline the idea generation process for designers. As a Figma plugin, search engine, and AI image generator, it provides a comprehensive solution for finding inspiration and generating ideas seamlessly.

Key Features:

  1. Figma Plugin Integration: Seamlessly integrated with Figma for a unified design experience.
  2. Search Engine: Access millions of images generated by other designers for inspiration.
  3. AI Image Generator: Generate custom images based on specific keywords and design requirements.
  4. Efficient Idea Generation: Streamline the process of generating design ideas quickly and efficiently.
  5. Endless Creative Possibilities: Explore a vast library of images and leverage AI to generate unique visuals.
  6. Enhanced Productivity: Stay within the Figma environment while utilizing SplashAI's features.
  7. Positive Community Response: Trusted and used by over 3,000 designers.
  8. Free Trial: Available to try on Figma at no cost.
  9. Social Media Presence: Follow SplashAI on Twitter for updates and community engagement.

Use Cases:

  • Designers seeking inspiration and creative ideas for their projects.
  • Professionals looking to streamline the idea generation process and save time.
  • Individuals in need of visual inspiration for various design disciplines.
  • Teams collaborating on design projects and seeking a unified tool for idea generation.

SplashAI is an invaluable tool for designers, offering a seamless combination of a Figma plugin, search engine, and AI image generator. By leveraging its features, designers can enhance their creativity, find inspiration, and generate unique ideas efficiently.

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