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Time-saving summarization for better comprehension.

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Updated 02/24/2024

Shortify is an innovative AI tool that aims to save users time by summarizing various forms of content, including articles, YouTube videos, blogs, and more. With Shortify, users can quickly obtain brief summaries of lengthy materials, making it easier to grasp the key points without spending excessive time reading or watching.

Key Features:

  1. Content Summarization: AI-powered tool that generates brief summaries of articles, YouTube videos, blogs, and more.
  2. Universal App Integration: Works seamlessly in all apps and websites, allowing users to summarize content from within their preferred platforms.
  3. Customizable Summary Length: Users can choose between shorter or original-length summaries based on their preferences.
  4. Shareable Summaries: Option to share summarized content with others for easy knowledge sharing.
  5. Stats Display: Provides users with insights such as saved time, saved words, number of summaries, and reduction percentage.
  6. Privacy-Focused: No collection of personal data, absence of third-party trackers, and no ads.
  7. No Account Required: Users can start using Shortify without signing up for an account.
  8. Demo Video and Support: Offers a demo video for understanding the tool's functionality and an email address for support inquiries.

Use Cases:

  • Individuals who want to save time when consuming content from various sources.
  • Researchers or students who need to review large amounts of information quickly.
  • Professionals who want to stay informed but have limited time to read or watch lengthy materials.
  • Content creators who need to understand the main points of reference materials efficiently.
  • Privacy-conscious users who seek a tool that respects their data and privacy.

Shortify is a valuable tool that empowers users to save time and efficiently comprehend content from diverse sources through concise summaries.

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Rated 5 out of 5


Thibault B.

Shortify is a game-changer for my productivity. Its AI-powered content summarization has allowed me to quickly grasp key information from various sources without spending hours reading or watching. The customizable summary length and seamless integration across apps make it incredibly convenient. Plus, the privacy-focused approach and user-friendly design are a big win for me. Highly recommended for anyone looking to save time and stay informed!

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