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Introducing Several Minds, an AI-powered assessment platform that revolutionizes hiring for value-based companies. Our comprehensive assessments identify growth mindset, leadership, and team-player candidates to build strong, successful teams and boost company performance.

Added on April 29, 2023


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Several Minds Features

Several Minds is an AI-based assessment platform designed to help value-based companies make superior hiring decisions, optimizing the recruitment process and delivering accurate, reliable assessments.

Key assessments include:

  • Growth Mindset Assessment (GMA)
  • Leadership Mindset Assessment (LMA)
  • Team-Player Mindset Assessment (TMA)

These assessments identify resilient, visionary, and cooperative talents to elevate your organization's capabilities, empower your business, and strengthen your company culture.

Using Several Minds, you can:

  • Accelerate talent acquisition by discovering the best-fit candidates for your company, saving time and resources while ensuring seamless integration of top talent.
  • Strengthen your company culture by maximizing your business's potential with a cohesive workforce that shares your core values and boosts team performance.

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