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The AI Playground by Vercel is an online platform that allows users to build AI-powered applications using the latest AI language models.

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Updated 07/13/2024

Vercel AI Playground is an online platform that allows users to build AI-powered applications using the latest AI language models. It provides a range of features to fine-tune models, such as Compare Mode for side-by-side model comparison and Tweak Mode for optimizing parameters.

Key Features:

  • AI Language Models: Access to OpenAI's GPT-3.5-turbo and Hugging Face's oasst-sft-4-pythia-12b-epoch-3.5 models for interactive use.
  • Compare Mode: Run multiple models with the same prompt and compare their responses side-by-side for evaluation and comparison.
  • Tweak Mode: Fine-tune model parameters to optimize performance for specific use cases.
  • Vercel AI SDK: An open-source library that provides auto-generated code snippets for connecting AI models to user applications.
  • Framework Support: Works with popular frameworks like Next.js, SvelteKit, and Node.js for seamless integration.
  • Immutable Links: Easily share conversations with others using immutable links.
  • Efficient AI Application Development: Enables efficient and quick development of AI-powered applications.

Use Cases:

  • Building AI-powered user interfaces and applications.
  • Exploring and experimenting with AI language models.
  • Fine-tuning models for specific use cases.
  • Sharing conversations and interactions with others.
  • Developing AI applications using popular frameworks.

Vercel AI Playground is a versatile tool that facilitates the development of AI-powered applications by leveraging state-of-the-art language models.

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