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Streamlines your analytical modeling life cycle, from creation and validation to deployment, management, governance and monitoring.

Added on October 28, 2023

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SAS Model Manager Features

SAS Model Manager is a software built to streamline the analytical modeling life cycle. It assists in model creation, validation, deployment, management, governance, and monitoring.

Key Features

  • Centralized & searchable model repository: It provides a centralized, secure web-based repository for managing analytical models.
  • Task automation with custom workflows: It allows the definition and tracking of custom workflows for all phases of model life cycle management.
  • Build once, deploy everywhere: It supports rapid, automated model deployment in batch or real time, in the cloud or at the edge.
  • Programming-only interaction through REST APIs: It enables the use of REST APIs to access, compare, assess, and score models.
  • Cloud native: The architecture of SAS Viya is compact, cloud native and fast, making the most of your cloud investment.

Use Cases

  • It connects data scientists, MLOPs engineers, and business analysts, enabling quick model deployment and integration with open source.
  • It validates models to ensure high-quality predictions.
  • It automatically monitors the performance of models, generating alerts to indicate model decay.
  • It allows continuous updating of models to keep pace with changing market and business conditions.

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