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Offers enhanced response capabilities, improved response times, and increased customer satisfaction.

Added on October 1, 2023


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RobojinAI Features

RobojinAI is an advanced AI-powered tool specifically crafted for customer support, aiming to revolutionize the way businesses handle customer inquiries. It seamlessly integrates with popular customer support systems like Crisp Chat, Intercom, and Freshdesk, enhancing response capabilities and delivering superior customer experiences.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • ChatGPT Integration: RobojinAI harnesses the power of ChatGPT technology to provide consistent, high-quality answers to customer queries. It sources information from various repositories, including website content, knowledge bases, PDF documents, SOPs, and FAQs, ensuring customers receive accurate and reliable support.
  • Efficiency: The tool excels in handling a high volume of inquiries simultaneously, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. It reduces customer wait times, leading to increased satisfaction.
  • Multilingual Support: RobojinAI supports multiple languages, facilitating inclusive and accessible customer service on a global scale.
  • Customizable Plans: The tool offers a range of pricing plans tailored to diverse business needs. These plans include features like the number of chatbots, web/PDF pages, supported languages, and ChatGPT response limits. Custom plans are also available for businesses with specific requirements.
  • Secure Integration: RobojinAI ensures the security of OpenAI API keys provided by users. API keys are encrypted and securely stored in the database.
  • Integration Options: RobojinAI seamlessly integrates with popular chat providers like Crisp Chat. Integration options for Intercom, Zendesk, and Freshdesk are also on the horizon.

User Benefits:

  • Enhanced Customer Support: RobojinAI empowers businesses to provide prompt, accurate, and helpful responses to customer queries, leading to reduced wait times and increased satisfaction.
  • AI-Powered Consistency: With ChatGPT technology, businesses can deliver consistent and high-quality answers based on a variety of sources, ensuring customers receive accurate information and support.
  • Scalability: The tool's efficiency in handling multiple inquiries makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Global Accessibility: Multilingual support enables inclusive customer service on a global scale.
  • Customizable Plans: Choose from a range of pricing plans or opt for a custom plan to meet specific business needs.
  • Security: RobojinAI takes data security seriously, encrypting and safely storing OpenAI API keys.
  • Integration Options: Seamless integration with popular chat providers enhances the tool's versatility.


RobojinAI is an AI-powered tool designed for customer support that seamlessly integrates with popular customer support systems. Leveraging ChatGPT technology, RobojinAI enhances response capabilities, reduces response times, and improves overall customer satisfaction. With scalability, multilingual support, customizable plans, and a focus on security, RobojinAI empowers businesses to revolutionize their customer support operations.

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