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Hyper-personalized video creation at scale for engagement & efficiency.

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Rephrase Features

Rephrase AI empowers businesses to create hyper-personalized videos at scale using AI technology. Key features and advantages include:

  • Customized videos: Tailor customer journeys, marketing campaigns, and stakeholder communications for various industries.
  • Digital avatars: Use engaging and personalized avatars of real humans for video production.
  • End-to-end execution: Simplify personalized video campaigns with a 4-step process: Ideate, Create, Publish, and Analyze.

Use cases for Rephrase AI span multiple industries:

  • Enhance customer engagement in e-commerce, real estate, BFSI, and more.
  • Improve marketing campaign effectiveness with personalized video content.
  • Strengthen stakeholder communication using tailored visuals.

Trusted by over 50 leading brands, Rephrase AI offers API access, CRM and messaging tool integration, and various distribution options, such as WhatsApp for Business bot and email.

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