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Rejuve is an innovative decentralized network that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and collective collaboration to advance longevity research.

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Updated 05/30/2024

Rejuve is a decentralized AI-powered network that aims to contribute to longevity research by building a collaborative community of researchers, clinics, and data contributors. It offers members the opportunity to monetize their health data and earn rewards while actively participating in breakthrough discoveries in the field of aging.

Key Features:

  1. Decentralized Longevity Network: A collaborative community of researchers, clinics, and data contributors working together to advance longevity research.
  2. Monetization of Health Data: Members can securely share their health data within the network and earn rewards for their contributions.
  3. Token-Based Economy: Members earn RJV tokens that can be redeemed for discounts on supplements, medical tests, therapies, and more.
  4. Longevity App: A comprehensive app for measuring and tracking lifespan, improving healthspan, and providing personalized insights and recommendations.
  5. Advanced AI Tools: Incorporates AI technologies such as the OpenCog Hyperon AGI engine, Bayesian Expert probabilistic logic, and Generative Cooperative Network (GCN) for enhanced research capabilities.
  6. Partnerships: Collaborations with renowned organizations in the field of longevity research to strengthen knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  7. Expert Team: Led by industry experts, including CEO Jasmine Smith, CTO Dr. Deborah Duong, and Chief AI Scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel.

Use Cases:

  • Contribution to longevity research
  • Monetization of health data
  • Personalized health insights and recommendations
  • Participation in the development of longevity therapies
  • Tracking and improvement of lifespan and healthspan

By incentivizing data contribution, providing personalized insights, and leveraging advanced AI tools, Rejuve empowers individuals to actively participate in the fight against aging and contribute to the development of affordable and accessible longevity therapies.

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