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Empower document processing with reciTAL

Added on April 12

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ReciTAL Features

reciTAL Intelligent Document Processing

reciTAL is a Deep Tech LAD/RAD platform that enables document capture, categorization, and search for all types of documents and emails. It is designed for professionals looking to automate their document processing, even for complex tasks.

Key Features:

  • Categorize: Automate the processing of mail and document flows
  • Capture: Extract information from various document types
  • Search: Find answers in your document databases


  • Crédit Agricole Technology & Services: Saves 2 hours per week for each of their 80,000 employees
  • AG2R LA MONDIALE: Chose reciTAL for its efficiency and precision
  • SEQUANTIS: A 500-page document can be read in 30 minutes instead of half a day
  • CACIB: Automated document analysis in under a minute compared to 10-20 minutes manually

Use Cases:

  • Sectors: Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Industry, Public
  • Functions: Purchasing, Legal, Customer Relations, CSR
  • Solutions: Capture, Categorize, Search

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