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Added on October 19, 2023

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Quill Features

Quill stands out as a distinctive daily news digest, redefining how you consume news. We present the most significant stories through visual summaries, collections, and engaging elements like images, maps, and quotes. With Quill, you'll spend less time catching up and more time doing what you love!

Key Features:

  1. Visual Summaries: Our unique approach delivers news through visual summaries, making stories easy to grasp.
  2. Succinct and Unbiased: We summarize top stories from various sources, offering a succinct and unbiased quick read.
  3. Comprehensive Information: Each story collection includes a 'quick' read, an extended summary, images, a quote, relevant location details, and the option to read individual articles from your chosen source.
  4. Daily Digest: Quill releases a daily digest every morning at 8 am, ensuring you're up-to-date without being overwhelmed by biased information.

Use Cases:

  • Stay Informed with Ease: Get a quick and clear overview of the most talked-about topics.
  • Unbiased News: Access unbiased news summaries from various sources.
  • Convenient Morning Update: Start your day with a comprehensive yet manageable daily news digest.

Quill is your solution for staying informed without the noise. Experience news the way it should be - informative, clear, and enjoyable. Get your daily dose of essential stories with Quill.

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