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A tool to transform, extract, or summarize any text in Google Sheets and Excel.

Added on March 3

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PromptLoop Features

PromptLoop is an AI tool that integrates GPT-3 into Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheets with a simple formula. Key features and advantages include:

  • AI-powered spreadsheets: Categorize, summarize, and transform text data within spreadsheets
  • Versatile use cases: Analyze sales lists, generate SEO keywords, draft customer messaging, and more
  • Accessible AI: Build AI-powered spreadsheet models without extensive expertise or programming
  • Custom workflows: Leverage text generation, summarization, web search, and custom endpoints to accelerate work
  • Train custom AI models: Use a simple spreadsheet or CSV to train AI models without an engineering team

Use cases for PromptLoop cater to a wide range of professionals seeking to harness AI for spreadsheet tasks, such as sales analysis, e-commerce listings, survey responses, and more. With a free trial and demos available, PromptLoop is trusted by various customers.

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