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Code faster with AI: type a description & AI will generate the code.

Added on November 28

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Programminghelper Features

Programming Helper is an AI-powered tool designed to assist with a variety of programming tasks. Key features and advantages include:

  • Code generation: Generate code, SQL commands, HTML, and CSS from text descriptions
  • Code translation: Translate code to any programming language and explain code in plain English
  • Code improvement: Fix invalid code, generate tests, and add typing to code
  • Additional tools: Create regex, find Git commands, get Linux commands, and generate meta tags from descriptions
  • AI chat assistant: Provides answers to programming-related questions

Use cases for Programming Helper are ideal for various programming professionals:

  • Developers seeking to streamline code generation and improve code quality
  • Web designers looking to generate HTML and CSS from descriptions
  • IT professionals in need of assistance with Git, Linux commands, and regex creation

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