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Updated 02/24/2024
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Generate SQL queries for Prisma apps efficiently.

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PrismaGPT is a powerful tool that enables developers to leverage the capabilities of the GPT-4 AI model to generate Prisma Client queries and raw SQL based on their schema.

Key Features:

  • AI-generated queries: Leverage the power of the GPT-4 AI model to generate Prisma Client queries and raw SQL.
  • Prisma Client and raw SQL options: Choose between Prisma Client and raw SQL queries for increased flexibility.
  • Streamlined workflow: Save time and effort by integrating AI-generated queries into your Prisma applications.

Use Cases:

• Streamlining Prisma workflow: Optimize your Prisma development process with AI-generated queries.

• Improving efficiency: Save time by quickly generating Prisma queries tailored to your schema.

• Enhancing Prisma applications: Utilize AI-generated queries to optimize the performance and functionality of your Prisma apps.

Experience the power of PrismaGPT and streamline your Prisma workflow with AI-generated queries.

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