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Plicanta accelerates your career growth with integrated AI tooling.

Added on April 28, 2023

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Plicanta Features

Plicanta is a platform designed to accelerate career growth and simplify the hiring process.

Key features and advantages include:

  • A clean-looking portfolio generator that uses your profile data to generate your portfolio
  • Automatic cover letters generated based on your portfolio data and job application details
  • An application tracker to keep track of your job applications
  • Resume versioning to easily create and manage different versions of your resume

Use cases for Plicanta involve various career-related activities:

  • Accelerating career growth by providing integrated AI tooling
  • Simplifying the hiring process by generating cover letters and tracking job applications
  • Landing your next dream job with a clean and professional portfolio and cover letter

To use Plicanta, simply fill in your profile as you would with your resume and create an application with job details. Plicanta will then automatically generate a cover letter template for you to customize and use for your job application.

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