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Generate images in Photoshop with machine learning.

Added on June 6, 2023


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PixelPet Features

PixelPet is a hassle-free cloud-based AI tool that generates high-quality images within your Photoshop workflow. It offers 20+ image generation models, fair pricing based on usage, and powerful features like inpainting.

Key Features:

  1. Cloud-Based Image Generation: Generate high-quality images seamlessly within your Photoshop workflow.
  2. Hassle-Free Usage: No prior knowledge of AI required to use PixelPet.
  3. Wide Range of Image Generation Models: Choose from 20+ models to generate diverse and stunning images.
  4. Powerful Features: Benefit from features like inpainting, with control net and upscaling coming soon.
  5. Fair Pricing: Users are charged only for what they use, with cost-effective image generation.
  6. Free Trial with Credits: Experience PixelPet with a free trial that starts with free credits, no credit card required.

Use Cases:

• Design Exploration: Generate a large quantity of images to experiment with different styles and ideas.

• Marketing Visuals: Visualize products and create compelling visuals for marketing campaigns.

• Artistic Creations: Streamline the creative process and bring artistic visions to life.

• Photoshop Workflow Enhancement: Seamlessly incorporate PixelPet into your Photoshop workflow for efficient image generation.

PixelPet empowers designers, marketers, artists, and creative individuals with a hassle-free AI tool to generate high-quality images within their Photoshop workflow.

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