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AI/ML Insurance Platform that simplifies insurance management with a focus on streamlined onboarding.

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Updated 02/24/2024

Peslac is your comprehensive solution for insurance management, emphasizing three core areas: simplified onboarding, real-time verifications, and intelligent fraud detection.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • Effortless Onboarding: Peslac ensures a swift and straightforward onboarding process, enabling companies to establish meaningful customer relationships from the start.
  • Real-time Identity Verification: The platform offers real-time identity verification solutions, ensuring secure sign-ups and enhancing trust.
  • Advanced Fraud Detection: Peslac employs machine learning algorithms to identify unusual patterns and anomalies in insurance claims, instantly alerting teams to potential fraud.
  • Risk Assessment: Artificial intelligence conducts thorough risk assessments, detecting high-risk policies and potentially fraudulent claims.
  • Data Correlation: Peslac maximizes data correlation by cross-referencing information from multiple sources, uncovering hidden connections and detecting fraudulent activities.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: For businesses without existing insurance systems, Peslac provides an intuitive dashboard for initiating and managing insurance offerings.
  • API-first Approach: Peslac's API-first approach ensures seamless integration with existing systems, facilitating effortless data exchange.

User Benefits:

  • Efficiency: Peslac streamlines insurance management, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Fraud Detection: Advanced fraud detection tools help identify potential fraudulent activities.
  • Real-time Verification: Secure sign-ups and real-time identity verification build trust with customers.
  • Data Correlation: Cross-referencing data sources uncovers hidden connections and fraudulent activities.
  • Integration: Peslac seamlessly integrates with existing systems via an API-first approach.


Peslac is an AI/ML Insurance Platform that simplifies insurance management with a focus on streamlined onboarding, real-time verifications, and smart fraud detection. It empowers insurers to handle claims with precision, enhance security, and detect potential fraud while offering tailored, efficient, and secure insurance solutions.

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