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Product Information is an AI-powered revenue intelligence platform that automates data entry, offers actionable insights, and provides total visibility into deals and pipelines.

Added on July 27, 2023

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Social Links | Featured on Futurepedia Features is a powerful AI-driven revenue intelligence platform that revolutionizes the sales process by automating manual data entry and delivering actionable insights across various management tools. With its advanced capabilities, unifies and enriches revenue-related activities, enabling sales teams to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies effectively.

Key Features:

  1. Automated Data Entry: AI-powered automation to eliminate manual data entry tasks.
  2. Actionable Insights: Provides valuable insights to guide sales teams in making informed decisions.
  3. Total Deal and Pipeline Visibility: Comprehensive visibility into deals and pipelines for strategic planning.
  4. Identify Key Personas: Helps identify essential individuals within each account for targeted actions.
  5. Increase Revenue and Pipeline Acceleration: Boosts revenue per representative and accelerates pipeline growth.
  6. Win Rate Improvement: Enables sales teams to improve their win rates effectively.


  • Efficiency and Automation: Streamlines data entry tasks, saving time and effort for sales teams.
  • Informed Decision Making: Offers actionable insights for smarter strategic planning.
  • Optimized Sales Strategies: Provides total visibility into deals and pipelines, enabling targeted actions.
  • Revenue Growth: Increases revenue per representative and drives pipeline acceleration.
  • Proactive Issue Detection: Identifies potential challenges, allowing teams to address them proactively. stands out as an AI-powered revenue intelligence platform that drives revenue growth, enhances pipeline performance, and empowers sales teams to achieve remarkable results. With its advanced capabilities and proven track record, has earned its place as a valuable tool for companies seeking to maximize their sales potential. Reviews

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