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Orimon.ai Features

Ori AI is a conversational AI platform designed to enable sales and provide pre-trained, multi-lingual chatbots to businesses. The platform's key features and advantages include:

  • Sales Enabled: Built with Ori AI sales-enabling tech-stack to drive sales
  • Pre-trained: AI understands the unique customer journeys of various industries
  • Truly Multi-lingual: Chatbot can comprehend +120 languages and dialects
  • Trusted by the best: Deployed by some of the best brands across the industry & geography
  • Free Lifetime Updates: AI specialists are constantly building new templates to keep businesses ahead
  • Simple Integration: Easy integration with a copy and paste of a 2 line code

Use cases for Ori AI include:

  • Enabling sales through chatbots
  • Providing pre-trained chatbots for various industries
  • Offering multi-lingual chatbots for global businesses
  • Deploying chatbots for trusted and reputable brands

With a free lifetime plan, Ori AI is a trusted solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience with advanced conversational AI.

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