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Orb Producer is a plugin suite designed to assist music producers in creating professional-quality musical patterns and loops.

Added on July 20, 2023


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Orb Producer Features

Orb Producer is a comprehensive and innovative AI-powered plugin suite that empowers music producers to create high-quality musical patterns and loops with ease. The suite consists of four plugins: Orb Melody, Orb Bass, Orb Arpeggios, and Orb Synth, each offering unique features and capabilities.

Key Features:

  1. Orb Melody: Generate unlimited melody ideas and fine-tune them with intuitive controllers and options.
  2. Orb Bass: Analyze harmony and receive optimized bass line suggestions for your music.
  3. Orb Arpeggios: Instantly create cool arpeggios with customizable parameters.
  4. Orb Synth: Utilize a versatile synthesizer with two oscillators, LFOs, amp and envelope controls, reverb, delay, and drive.
  5. Polyrhythms Engine: Create complex and layered rhythms.
  6. Lyrical Melodies: Add anacrusis or pick-up notes to musical phrases.
  7. Chain Blocks: Seamlessly chain musical blocks to create longer pieces.
  8. Keep Bass for Chords: Ensure the bass note of chords remains at the bottom.
  9. Dozens of Presets: Access a variety of pre-made settings to jumpstart creativity.
  10. Smart AI Tools: Benefit from intelligent AI features for enhanced music production.
  11. Tonalities and Keys: Select tonalities and keys to suit your musical preferences.
  12. Compatibility: Works with a range of popular digital audio workstations (DAWs).
  13. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Purchase with confidence and satisfaction.

Use Cases:

  • Music producers seeking an AI-powered tool to assist in creating professional-quality musical patterns and loops.
  • Electronic music producers looking to explore new creative possibilities and streamline their workflow.
  • Film composers and music scorers who want to enhance their compositions with dynamic and unique sounds.
  • Sound designers interested in adding depth and complexity to their audio productions.
  • Artists across various genres and styles aiming to elevate their music production process and achieve outstanding results.

Orb Producer empowers music producers to unleash their creativity and produce exceptional musical patterns and loops with the aid of advanced AI capabilities. With its diverse range of plugins, customization options, and seamless integration with popular DAWs, Orb Producer provides a comprehensive solution for musicians to elevate their productions and achieve professional-quality results.

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