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Nuclia indexes unstructured data from any source

Added on January 9

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Nuclia Features

Nuclia is an AI-powered search engine designed to find answers from any data source, including video and audio. Key features and advantages include:

  • Automatic indexing: Indexes unstructured data from any source, eliminating complex data preparation
  • Easy integration: Compatible with desktop apps, web apps, REST APIs, and Chrome extensions
  • Low-code components: Offers web components, an open SDK, and support for entity detection and insight detectors
  • Data ingestion: Upload data from any source, language, or format, and sync with popular productivity apps
  • Customizable integrations: Works with various front-end frameworks and CMS for seamless integration

Use cases for Nuclia are ideal for various professionals:

  • Developers seeking to create AI-powered search engines for their applications
  • Businesses looking to improve search capabilities across multiple data sources
  • Data analysts aiming to simplify data ingestion and search processes for unstructured data

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