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Moodify uses Spotify's secure API to find and suggest the best tracks to fit your mood.

Added on May 11

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Moodify Features

Moodify utilizes Spotify's secure API to access your "Now Playing" track and find the best tracks that fit your mood using advanced AI algorithms.

Key Features:

  • Secure API integration: Accesses your "Now Playing" track through Spotify's secure API.
  • Advanced AI algorithms: Trained against emotional sentiment and various metrics to find the best tracks that fit your mood.
  • No user data saved: Moodify does not save any user information and only uses the track details provided by Spotify.

Use Cases:

• Find and discover new tracks based on your current mood.

• Enhance your listening experience by accessing tracks that match your current emotional state.

• Enjoy music that is perfectly suited to your mood with advanced AI algorithms.

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