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Inspiring wellness audio by experts and celebs.

Added on June 25, 2023


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Mindset Features

Mindset by DIVE Studios offers a unique daily self-care and wellness platform, delivering exclusive and intimate audio collections from renowned figures including celebrated artists and celebrities. Through the power of genuine storytelling and shared experiences, Mindset is committed to making self-care and wellness straightforward, accessible, and a daily priority for individuals around the globe.

Key Features:

  1. Celebrity Mindsets: Listen to inspiring life stories and lessons from famous personalities.
  2. Daily Check-In: Establish a simple 5-minute routine to incorporate self-care into your daily regimen.
  3. Daily Reflections: Share stories and experiences with a community that understands and empathizes.
  4. Expert-Led Advice: Gain access to an exclusive library of content created in collaboration with mental health professionals and scholars.
  5. Daily Quotes: Start your day with a dose of inspiration to motivate and challenge you.
  6. Discord Community: Connect and interact within a supportive and encouraging community.


  • Benefit from the experiences and lessons shared by celebrated personalities.
  • Incorporate self-care into your daily routine with simple steps.
  • Share and listen to relatable stories and experiences.
  • Access exclusive advice from experts in mental health.
  • Get inspired and motivated daily with insightful quotes.
  • Join a supportive community to enhance your self-care journey.

Additional Features:

Mindset is free to use, with the introductory and first episodes of each collection being accessible at no charge. With Mindset, enhance your self-care and wellness journey through impactful storytelling and shared experiences.

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