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Search the internet with large language models using Metaphor

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Updated 07/13/2024

Metaphor is an AI-powered search engine designed to understand language more expressively and creatively than traditional search engines. Key features and advantages include:

  • Language model-based: Understands user prompts in a similar manner to GPT-3 for more accurate results
  • Predictive linking: Provides relevant resources like blog posts, Wikipedia pages, startups, books, and more
  • AI-focused: Excels in finding resources related to AI, programming languages, and classic algorithms
  • Creative results: Offers music recommendations and other unique search outcomes

Use cases for Metaphor cater to various users:

  • AI enthusiasts seeking relevant resources and information
  • Developers searching for programming languages and algorithms
  • Individuals looking for creative and interesting search results

Overall, Metaphor offers a more expressive and creative search experience, making it a valuable tool for users seeking AI-related resources and more.

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