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Conversational AI Chatbot for Small and Medium Businesses

Added on July 30, 2023


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Lyro Features

Lyro is the revolutionary conversational AI chatbot designed to provide personalized support to customers, just like a human service agent would. Say goodbye to overflowing live chats and soaring support costs. With Lyro, you can maximize your support capacity without the need for extra staff expenses. Let Lyro handle up to 70% of common customer queries, freeing up your real agents to tackle more complex tickets. Experience improved response times and increased customer satisfaction with automated support conversations.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Human-like Conversations: Lyro answers customer questions with fluid, natural language, going beyond generic replies to provide meaningful and accurate responses.
  • Context Understanding: Lyro comprehends the context of conversations, remembers previous replies, and asks follow-up questions to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Easy Implementation: No training required! Activate Lyro with just one click and provide it with a knowledge base to answer customer queries 24/7.
  • Data-Backed Answers: Lyro relies solely on your data, providing data-backed answers to keep your customers informed and satisfied.
  • Brand-Safe AI: Lyro ensures brand safety by staying within the limits of your knowledge base, minimizing any inaccuracies.
  • Seamless Integration: Get Lyro today by creating a Tidio account. Every account comes with 50 free Lyro conversations to start.

Upgrade Your Business with Lyro: Simple Steps to Get Started:

  • Create a Tidio Account: Get started with Lyro by creating a Tidio account. As a bonus, you get 50 free Lyro conversations to experience its power.
  • Activate Lyro: Implement Lyro effortlessly in under three minutes. Turn it on, share your FAQ section, or let Lyro create one for you.
  • Custom, Scalable Limits: Tailor Lyro's support according to your needs. Set custom limits to have Lyro handle as many customer queries as you desire.

How Lyro Enhances Customer Experience:

  • Engagement: Lyro greets both new and returning customers, engaging them from the start.
  • Conversational FAQs: Lyro transforms your FAQs into conversational exchanges, making interactions more human-like.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Lyro asks follow-up questions to ensure customers get the information they need, ensuring their satisfaction.
  • Guidance to Resources: Lyro recommends relevant content and directs customers to additional resources for further assistance.
  • Identifying Popular Topics: Lyro highlights questions that are redirected to real agents, enabling you to add more automations.
  • Team Efficiency: Let Lyro handle common customer queries, so your team can focus more on solving complex issues.

Upgrade your customer support with an AI-powered assistant that provides personalized and efficient assistance. Get Lyro today with a Tidio account, activate it in minutes, and enjoy improved customer experiences with ease.

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