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Loti is an advanced facial recognition technology that helps individuals quickly identify if their intimate images or videos have been published online without consent

Added on July 5, 2023


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Loti Features

Loti is a cutting-edge facial recognition technology that empowers individuals to safeguard their online privacy and personal images. With Loti, users can upload a photo and efficiently identify if any of their intimate images or videos have been published online without their consent. This powerful tool serves content creators, individuals, and parents by providing an effective solution to protect their images from being disseminated on free sites or used without authorization.

Key Features:

  1. Facial Recognition Technology: Loti utilizes advanced facial recognition algorithms to identify intimate images or videos published online without consent.
  2. Image Reclamation: Users can easily reclaim control over their images with just one click.
  3. Privacy and Security: Loti does not store any personal images and is designed with default opt-out settings to prioritize user privacy.
  4. Additional Resources: Loti provides informative blogs, support, and a comprehensive FAQ page to help users better understand how to protect their online images.

Use Cases:

  • Personal Privacy: Loti enables individuals to protect their personal privacy by identifying and reclaiming control over their intimate images or videos.
  • Content Creator Protection: Content creators can use Loti to safeguard their images from unauthorized sharing and protect their professional reputation.
  • Parental Control: Loti helps parents ensure the privacy and security of their children's images online, mitigating risks associated with unauthorized sharing.

Loti is the go-to facial recognition technology that empowers individuals to protect their online privacy and reclaim control over their intimate images.

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