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AI-driven tool for maximizing LinkedIn outreach by creating personalized messages tailored to specific goals.

Added on July 4, 2023


Paid plans start from $9.99/mo

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Linkoai Features

LinkoAI is an advanced AI-driven tool designed to empower users in maximizing the potential of their LinkedIn outreach. With LinkoAI, users can effortlessly create personalized messages that are tailored to specific goals, thanks to the assistance of AI technology.

Key Features:

  1. AI-driven message generation: Creates personalized messages for LinkedIn outreach with the help of AI technology.
  2. Message customization: Tailors messages to specific goals, with options for friendly, funny, or professional styles.
  3. Emojis for personalization: Adds emojis to messages for an extra touch of customization.
  4. Free trial and premium options: Offers a free trial with 10 credits and a premium package with 150 credits per month.

Use Cases:

  • LinkedIn outreach optimization: Enhance the effectiveness of LinkedIn outreach by creating personalized and goal-oriented messages.
  • Networking and business growth: Maximize networking opportunities and expand business connections on LinkedIn.
  • Time-saving and improved response rates: Save time by automating message generation and increase response rates with personalized content.

LinkoAI serves as a valuable tool for individuals and professionals seeking to optimize their LinkedIn outreach efforts.

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