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An AI command bar for developers.

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Updated 06/27/2024

Lightrail is a command bar that allows developers to access an always-on LLM instance that can access and save context across your applications. For example, you can use Lightrail to read through a docs site and make edits across multiple files in a VSCode project.

Key Features:

  • Access Lightrail from anywhere: Simply type ⌘⇧Space to open up the command bar.
  • Seamlessly integrate information from multiple apps: Rather than copy-pasting into ChatGPT, users can access their current VSCode project or Chrome tabs via shortcuts in the command bar to utilize relevant information.
  • Specialized tracks for different tasks: Lightrail allows you to chat directly with our LLM instance, edit your VSCode project, generate Shell scripts, or run SQL queries on your Postgres DB.
  • Open Source & Extensible: All of the source code is publicly accessible from the Lightrail Github repo. With the public Tracks API, open-source contributors can create new tracks or add new sources of data (e.g. accessing database or text files).

Use Cases:

  • Quickly create a component library by generating new React components based on the current VSCode selection.
  • Edit your VScode project across multiple files (e.g. implement Supabase authentication).
  • Read through a project docs’ site and use that to generate new code.
  • Quickly run lightweight SQL queries against your production database.

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