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Designed to generate text in response to prompts with specific instructions, following a standardized format.

Added on May 29, 2023


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LightGPT-instruct-6B is a language model developed by AWS Contributors based on GPT-J 6B. It has been fine-tuned on the OIG-small-chip2 instruction dataset, which contains approximately 200K training examples and is licensed under Apache-2.0.

Model Capabilities: The model is designed to generate text in response to prompts with specific instructions, following a standardized format. It recognizes the completion of its response when the input prompt ends with the token "### Response:\n". The model is trained specifically for English conversations.

Deployment and Example Code: The deployment of the LightGPT-instruct-6B model to Amazon SageMaker is supported, and the documentation provides example code to illustrate the process.

Evaluation Metrics: The model's performance is evaluated using various metrics, including LAMBADA PPL (perplexity), LAMBADA ACC (accuracy), WINOGRANDE, HELLASWAG, PIQA, and GPT-J.

Limitations: The documentation highlights certain limitations of the model. These include its potential to struggle with accurately following long instructions, providing incorrect answers to math and reasoning questions, and occasionally generating false or misleading responses. The model also lacks contextual understanding and generates responses solely based on the given prompt.

Use Case: The LightGPT-instruct-6B model is a natural language generation tool suitable for generating responses to a wide range of conversational prompts, including those requiring specific instructions.

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