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Simplifies AI implementation and data modernization by creating a connected data ecosystem.

Added on October 1, 2023

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Legoai Features

LEGOAI is an innovative platform designed to simplify AI implementation and data modernization for enterprises. It achieves this by creating a connected data ecosystem that eliminates technical debts from the start, enabling organizations to harness the full potential of AI technology.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • Connected Data Ecosystem: LEGOAI creates a connected data ecosystem that streamlines AI implementation and data modernization efforts.
  • Data Models: The platform generates entity-centric and semantic data models to enhance data organization and utilization.
  • Business Glossaries: LEGOAI provides AI-based business glossaries to facilitate a common understanding of data terminologies across the organization.
  • Data Federation: It employs data federation technology to bridge the gap between data producers and consumers, ensuring seamless data flow.
  • Decentralized Data Ecosystem: LEGOAI targets organizations in the process of building decentralized data ecosystems and offers tools to accelerate this journey.
  • Data Monetization: The platform assists enterprises in monetizing their data modernization initiatives by integrating a data marketplace.
  • Technical Architecture: LEGOAI's technical architecture focuses on providing robust and enterprise-grade solutions, leveraging open-source software.
  • AI Governance: LEGOAI aims to govern AI implementation effectively through AI governance.
  • AI Experience Design: The platform enhances user experience through AI experience design.
  • AI as a Product: LEGOAI delivers AI as a product, ensuring its practical application within organizations.


LEGOAI is an enterprise-focused platform that simplifies AI implementation and data modernization by creating a connected data ecosystem. It offers a range of tools and components, including data models, business glossaries, and data federation technology, to accelerate AI use cases. LEGOAI targets organizations building decentralized data ecosystems and provides robust enterprise-grade solutions to govern AI implementation effectively.

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