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Updated 02/24/2024
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Helps businesses connect with their ideal customers by analyzing online behavior and crafting tailored emails for genuine engagement.

AI Categories: customer support, sales

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Kundy is a cutting-edge customer contact and CRM system that revolutionizes how businesses approach email marketing through the power of AI, particularly GPT technology. At its core, Kundy offers "Kundy-touch," a personalized direct email marketing platform that automates a personal approach to customer outreach.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  1. Personalized Email Marketing: Kundy identifies and studies the online behavior of potential customers, enabling the creation of personalized emails that effectively present products and services.
  2. Authentic Engagement: Kundy's emails are designed to avoid the appearance of automation, increasing the likelihood of bypassing spam filters and capturing the genuine attention of recipients.
  3. Targeted Segmentation: Businesses can easily target specific customer segments based on factors like company location, branch, and size, drawing from a comprehensive database of over 750K Swedish companies spanning 1400 categories.
  4. Large-Scale Outreach: Kundy empowers businesses to scale AI-powered outreach efforts, expanding their reach and impact.
  5. Email Campaign Management: The platform provides tools for managing email deliveries, generating detailed reports, and tracking campaign performance.
  6. Valuable Insights: Users gain valuable insights into recipient reactions and engagement with their messages.

User Benefits:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Kundy's personalized approach leads to more genuine and effective customer engagement.
  • Spam Filter Bypass: By avoiding the appearance of automated emails, Kundy increases the chances of emails reaching recipients' inboxes.
  • Targeted Outreach: The ability to target specific customer segments streamlines outreach efforts and maximizes results.
  • Scalability: Kundy enables businesses to harness the power of AI for larger-scale outreach without sacrificing personalization.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Detailed reports offer valuable insights into campaign performance and recipient interactions.


Kundy is a powerful customer contact and CRM system that seamlessly integrates AI technology, particularly GPT, into personalized email marketing campaigns. By analyzing online behavior and crafting tailored emails, Kundy enhances customer engagement and helps businesses effectively connect with their ideal customers. Its ability to bypass common email filters, target specific segments, and provide comprehensive reporting makes Kundy a valuable tool for optimizing outreach strategies and boosting overall productivity for sales teams.

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