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Effortless Figma to Front-End Code Conversion

Added on August 29, 2023

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Kombai Features

Kombai is an AI-powered tool that seamlessly converts Figma designs into high-quality front-end code. It simplifies the development handoff process and saves time for designers and developers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. One-Click Conversion: Convert Figma designs into high-quality UI code with just a single click per component.
  2. Automatic Generation: Kombai generates logical div-structures and React components with human-like names for classes and components.
  3. Effortless Flex Handling: Enjoy CSS for flex without hardcoded dimensions, including flex-grow, flex-shrink, justify-content, align-items, gap, and padding.
  4. Dynamic JavaScript Code: Kombai generates top-notch JavaScript code with loops, conditions, and mock data that's easily replaceable.
  5. Functional Form Elements: Utilize form elements as functional components, including buttons, inputs, selects, checkboxes, and switches.
  6. No Specific Design Setup: Kombai doesn't require specific tagging, naming, or grouping of design elements. It works based on how the design appears to a developer.
  7. Deep Learning and Heuristics: Kombai employs an ensemble of deep learning and heuristics models to interpret UI designs and generate accurate front-end code.
  8. Tailored for React: Kombai supports React as a frontend framework, generating code suitable for modern responsive applications.
  9. 15 Months of Development: Developed over 15 months, Kombai's purpose-built models ensure reliable, precise, and dependable code output.

User Benefits:

  • Efficiency: Streamline the design-to-code handoff process with a single click.
  • Quality: Generate high-quality code with logical structures and human-readable names.
  • Flexibility: Accommodate various UI elements without specific setup requirements.
  • Precision: Leverage deep learning and heuristics for accurate code generation.
  • Modernization: Get code suitable for contemporary responsive applications.


Kombai is your go-to solution for effortless conversion of Figma designs into top-notch front-end code. With its innovative AI-powered approach, Kombai ensures high-quality, accurate, and logical code generation. Say goodbye to manual translation and experience the future of design-to-code handoff with Kombai. Simplify collaboration and boost productivity with Kombai today!

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