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Added on April 7, 2023

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Interview Prep AI is your personal AI job interview coach that helps you ace your next interview. It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to simulate real job interviews, allowing you to practice and perfect your skills before the big day.

How it works:

  1. Upload your CV: Paste your CV as text or upload the CV & convert it into text & save it.
  2. Fill out initial information: Fill out information such as job description, interview type, language.
  3. Practice interviews as many times as you want: Practice multiple live iterations of your interview by talking with our AI and get instantaneous feedback.
  4. Data stays private: The information you provide, such as the job description, will remain private. We do not store any of this data on our servers.

Pricing: Get started for free.

Use cases:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety associated with preparing for a live job interview.
  • Practice answering interview questions in a simulated environment.
  • Get instant feedback on your performance.
  • Improve your skills and confidence before the actual interview.

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