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Updated 01/30/2024
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HookGen is a web app powered by Artificial Intelligence, designed to assist music producers and songwriters in generating new music hooks and melodies.

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HookGen is an innovative web application that leverages the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to aid music producers and songwriters in creating captivating music hooks and melodies. The tool is designed to inspire creativity and facilitate the generation of new and original musical compositions.

Key Features:

  1. AI-Powered Music Generation: Utilizes Artificial Intelligence to create original music hooks and melodies.
  2. Wide Instrument Support: Allows users to create songs with piano, drums, strings, brass, guitar, and bass (with additional instruments available in later updates).
  3. Free and Royalty-Free: Users can download the generated MIDI files without any restrictions or royalty concerns.
  4. User Engagement Data: Gathers user data to improve the AI's song generation capabilities.


  • Enhanced Creativity: Provides music producers and songwriters with fresh ideas and inspirations for their compositions.
  • Versatile Music Production: Offers support for multiple instruments, enabling the creation of diverse and dynamic musical arrangements.
  • Copyright-Free Music: Users can freely use the generated MIDI files in their projects without worrying about copyright issues.
  • Continuous Improvement: The AI engine learns from user interactions, leading to improved song generation with each use.

HookGen represents a powerful tool for musicians, composers, and anyone involved in music production to explore new possibilities and find inspiration for their musical endeavors. By harnessing the power of AI, HookGen opens up a world of creativity, allowing users to unleash their musical potential and create exceptional original compositions.

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