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Advanced AI Cloud Platform for AI development, deployment, and innovation.

Added on February 3, 2016

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H2O AI Features

H2O.ai is a state-of-the-art AI Cloud Platform that catalyzes the development, operation, and innovation of AI across diverse environments. It offers a robust suite of tools tailored to create, deploy, and monitor AI models and applications efficiently.

Key Products:

  • H2O Driverless AI: A flagship product of H2O.ai, Driverless AI is an automated machine learning platform that democratizes AI, making it accessible to a wider range of users.
  • H2O-3: An open-source distributed machine learning platform, facilitating scalable machine learning model development.
  • H2O Document AI: A specialized tool for intelligent data extraction, transforming raw documents into actionable data.
  • H2O Hydrogen Torch: A no-code deep learning platform designed to make the power of deep learning accessible to non-experts.
  • H2O Wave: A low-code AI app development framework that accelerates the process of building AI-powered applications.
  • H2O AI Feature Store: A platform that infuses data with intelligence, enhancing model performance.
  • H2O MLOps: A tool that streamlines performance monitoring and rapidly adapts to changing conditions, ensuring optimal model performance.

Use Cases:

  • Democratize AI and machine learning in your organization.
  • Extract valuable insights from raw documents.
  • Accelerate AI app development with low-code solutions.
  • Enhance machine learning models with intelligent data.

In essence, H2O.ai provides a comprehensive suite of advanced tools that streamline the development and deployment of AI models, making it an invaluable resource for organizations aiming to leverage the power of AI.

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