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Everything You Need For Transport Data Analytics In One Place.

Added on September 21, 2023

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GoodVision Features

GoodVision is a platform that provides automation tools for traffic projects, including AI traffic data collection, traffic modelling, and real-time traffic control.


1. Traffic Data Collection

  • GoodVision offers a convenient way to get traffic data on your traffic surveys.

2. Traffic Modelling

  • The platform automates traffic model calibration, saving time on manual labour.

3. Real-Time Traffic Control

  • GoodVision provides the most detailed and accurate traffic events for traffic control systems.

4. AI and Big Data Analytics

  • The platform combines AI and big data analytics to create a unique, intelligent solution for adaptive traffic control and urban planning.

Use Cases

The platform is used for traffic data analytics, helping cities to manage traffic congestion, air pollution, accidents, and economic losses. It is trusted by traffic engineers, mobility advisors, project managers, and more.


Users find value in GoodVision's image recognition capabilities, innovation capacity, and advanced solution. It offers visual representations and reduces data turnaround times with automated analysis. Users have reported achieving 99% accuracy with the platform.

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