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GetBotz can completely automate your blog with help of AI + Data. Just connect your blog and our Botz will post articles on your blog reguarly with focus on SEO on complete autopilot mode.

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GetBotz Features

GetBotz is an AI-powered tool that automates the process of regularly publishing SEO-optimized articles on your blog. With complete automation, GetBotz allows you to focus on scaling your business while they take care of your blog.


  • Complete automation: Get 50+ SEO-optimized articles published on your blog every month with complete automation
  • Saves time and commitment: Publishing regularly on your blog takes time and commitment, which not every early-stage team can provide. GetBotz takes care of your blog every day, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.
  • Cost-effective: Spending thousands of dollars on a content agency or blog management providers can be difficult for early-stage businesses. GetBotz offers a cost-effective solution.
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks: GetBotz takes care of repetitive tasks, such as posting new articles every day, which can be boring and time-consuming.

Use Cases

  • Automate your blog: GetBotz automates the process of regularly publishing SEO-optimized articles on your blog.
  • Scale your business: With GetBotz managing your blog, you can focus on scaling your business.
  • Improve SEO: GetBotz uses SEO data and algorithms to optimize articles for readability and SEO, improving your Google ranking.

How it Works

  • Provide basic details: Provide basic details about your blog and the type of content you prefer every day.
  • Connect your website: Connect your WordPress or Shopify website with GetBotz for complete automation.
  • Let them work for you: GetBotz takes care of your blog every day with regular posting.

How Our Botz Write Articles

  • Finding keywords: GetBotz finds the best keywords for today's article with the help of niche and Google data.
  • Finding article idea: GetBotz decides what to write about for the chosen keyword.
  • Writing the article: GetBotz writes interesting articles for your readers.
  • Optimizing for readability and SEO: GetBotz optimizes articles for the best readability and SEO with cover images, meta tags, and alt tags.
  • Submitting to Google: GetBotz submits articles to Google for indexing with the help of Google APIs so they can rank faster.

With a focus on complete blog automation, GetBotz uses OpenAI GPT-4 and secret algorithms to automate the content process. By asking you to connect your Search Console, GetBotz understands the context and constantly optimizes upcoming articles around what works for your blog.

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