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Simplify Your Design and Content Creation Process

Added on April 18, 2023


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Genie - Figma Features

Genie for Figma is a tool designed to streamline your design workflow and simplify the content creation process with AI.

Key Features:

  • Create text content with AI: Enhance your writing and fix grammar with various writing styles such as casual, confident, straightforward, and friendly.
  • Store and organize your content: Save time by storing your generated content in Library, which allows you to access it later without the need to recall Open AI.
  • Break the language barrier: Generate images with DALL·E, enabling you to create unique visuals in various styles.

Use Cases:

  1. Improve your writing and grammar with AI assistance.
  2. Store and organize your content efficiently.
  3. Generate unique images with the help of DALL·E.

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