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Outsource repetitive tasks to AI powered digital employees.

Added on March 3

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Freeday is a digital staffing platform offering AI-powered digital employees to help teams outsource repetitive and tedious tasks. Key features and advantages include:

  • Various operational areas: Digital employees available for customer care, employee engagement, accounts payable, and know your customer tasks
  • Improved productivity: Free up team members' time, enhancing experiences and potentially increasing revenue
  • Reputable partnerships: Collaborates with partners such as Google Cloud Partner, NL-AI-Coalitie, and NEN for safe and accurate outsourcing

Use cases for Freeday cater to various industries and teams:

  • Customer support teams seeking to automate routine tasks and improve response times
  • HR departments looking to enhance employee engagement with AI assistance
  • Finance teams aiming to streamline accounts payable processes

With offices in Rotterdam and New York, Freeday offers global support and keeps clients informed through its AI-focused newsletter. Reviews

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