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Automatically measure the cost of every customer interaction so you can find opportunities to improve and reduce service cost.

Added on September 21, 2023

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Frame Features

Frame AI provides a solution that allows companies to measure the cost and business impact of every support case. This service is trusted by leading customer experience teams and helps to reveal the service cost by product area, empowering data-driven headcount decisions.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Cost Attribution™️: This feature allows you to automatically measure the cost of every customer interaction. It combines more than 27 different configurable factors with your custom signals to demonstrate each ticket's dollar impact on your overall cost of service. It helps to identify tickets that consume more of your team's time or require more expensive contributors to resolve.
  • Reveal Service Cost by Product Area: This feature helps to build a better feedback loop with product. It provides the real dollar cost of service for every product area, allowing leadership to make informed decisions around product priorities.
  • Drive data-driven staffing decisions: Frame AI helps to identify the kinds of roles and tools to invest in based on where today's costs are going. It focuses on your team's impact on keeping customers.
  • ROI of Customer Support Decisions: Frame AI's cost reporting tells you exactly how much a decision saved the company with period over period analysis. It helps to spot mismatches between company priorities and resources and reduces the cost of service.

Use Cases

  • Frame AI can be used to justify the staffing budget required to service the product issue with support hours.
  • It helps to prioritize projects based on bottom-line impact and make business cases easy.
  • Frame AI can be used to identify imbalances and get ahead of potential fallout.

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