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Updated 02/24/2024
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Designed to accelerate marketing asset production.

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Introducing Formula8, the AI-platform revolutionizing marketing asset production. With Formula8, marketers and content creators can harness the power of AI to streamline content creation, orchestration, and distribution processes, resulting in engaging and impactful marketing content.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Smart AI Prompts: Generate intelligent AI prompts tailored to your content needs, equipped with helpful tools to enhance creativity and productivity.
  2. Automated Content Production: Automate content creation using your own repository of brand or product-specific AI formulas. Create templates that generate various content types with a single click.
  3. Customizable AI Formulas: Develop unique AI formulas for your brand or product, ensuring content relevance and effectiveness for specific target audiences and industries.
  4. Diverse Content Creation: Leverage advanced AI algorithms to design and optimize comprehensive content structures. Generate diverse content ideas and expand your creative possibilities.
  5. Language Support: Create marketing content in multiple languages, expanding your reach and catering to diverse audiences.
  6. Trusted by Professionals: Formula8 is trusted by over 100 agencies and leading marketers working for prominent brands, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability.

User Benefits:

  • Time and Cost Savings: Formula8 automates the creation of predefined content types, saving valuable time and reducing operational costs.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Generate diverse content ideas and explore various content formats, expanding your creative potential.
  • Personalization: Customize AI formulas to create content that resonates with specific target audiences and industries.
  • Efficient Content Orchestration: Easily orchestrate and manage content production with customizable templates and AI formulas.
  • Multi-Language Capabilities: Reach global audiences by creating marketing content in multiple languages.


Formula8 empowers marketers and content creators to accelerate marketing asset production by utilizing AI prompts, customizable AI formulas, and content templates. With features designed to enhance creativity, streamline content orchestration, and support multi-language capabilities, Formula8 is trusted by professionals to create engaging and impactful marketing content. Elevate your marketing efforts with Formula8—the AI-powered platform that transforms content creation and distribution.

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