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Updated 02/21/2024
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Language Mastery Driven by Interactive AI Conversations

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Fluency is a language learning platform that leverages AI technology to help users master new languages. The platform supports over 20+ languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian, Vietnamese, Hindi, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Conversations: Fluency uses AI to simulate conversations, making it feel like you have a personal language learning partner. This feature allows for interactive learning and instant correction of mistakes.
  • Speech-first Approach: The platform focuses on improving your spoken language skills. The AI can generate lessons to help improve your spoken ability and correct mistakes during conversations.
  • Community Learning: Fluency encourages users to work together and learn from each other. The platform includes special opportunities for users to collaborate and improve their language skills.
  • Confidence Building: Fluency emphasizes the importance of building confidence in speaking a new language. The platform encourages users to embrace their mistakes as part of the learning process.

Use Cases

  • Travel: Fluency can be useful for individuals planning to travel to a new country and want to learn the local language.
  • Relocation: For those moving to a new country, Fluency can help them learn and master the local language.
  • Personal Development: Individuals who have a passion for learning new languages can use Fluency to learn and master multiple languages.

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