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Updated 02/24/2024
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Graph editor for building AI-powered workflows with a visual interface and secure plugin extensibility.

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Floneum is a robust graph editor designed to empower users in constructing AI-powered workflows with ease and intuitiveness. The tool offers a visual interface that allows users to create complex workflows by connecting various components together to achieve their desired outcomes.

Key Features:

  • Visual interface for workflow creation: Easily construct AI-powered workflows with a user-friendly visual interface.
  • Secure plugin extensibility: Extend functionality through sandboxed WebAssembly plugins for enhanced security.
  • Support for multiple programming languages: Write plugins in Rust, C, Java, or Go, with Rust being the recommended choice.
  • Ergonomic wrappers for Rust: Simplify plugin development using ergonomic Rust wrappers.
  • Comprehensive guide and community support: Access a guide for easy initiation and engage with the community on Discord for assistance and collaboration.
  • Open-source: Floneum's source code is available on GitHub, promoting transparency and collaboration.

Use Cases:

  • AI workflow creation: Build complex AI-powered workflows with the help of the visual interface.
  • Plugin development: Extend Floneum's functionality by creating plugins in various programming languages.
  • Security-conscious workflow management: Ensure security and mitigate vulnerabilities through sandboxed plugin extensibility.

Floneum empowers users with a visual graph editor that streamlines the creation of AI workflows and fosters secure plugin extensibility. Embrace the power of Floneum to enhance AI development and workflow management capabilities.

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