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Generate a database schema based on the user’s description of the app.

Added on April 21, 2023

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Flatlogic provides a unique integration that leverages the natural language processing capabilities of OpenAI to generate a database schema based on the user's app description. The Flatlogic Full-Stack Web Generator then creates a fully-functioning web app in minutes, based on the supplied description of the app in English. The app is automatically hosted in the cloud, pushed to GitHub, and is ready to be used. Key advantages of this integration include:

  • Efficiency: Generate a fully-functioning web app in minutes
  • Ease of use: Create a web app based on a simple description in English
  • Cloud hosting: Automatically host the app in the cloud
  • GitHub integration: Automatically push the app to GitHub
  • Time-saving: Save time and effort in app development

Use cases for Flatlogic's integration include:

  • Quickly create a web app based on a simple description
  • Streamline app development and save time and effort
  • Facilitate the process of launching a new app online

Overall, Flatlogic's integration with OpenAI provides an innovative solution for rapid web app development.

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