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Evaluates security of ChatGPT Plugins.

Added on May 18

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Escape Features

Escape by SecureGPT is a powerful tool that allows users to scan their OpenAI ChatGPT Plugin manifest to evaluate its security.

Key Features:

  1. Security Assessment: Escape performs a dozen common security tests on the ChatGPT Plugin manifest to evaluate its security.
  2. Bug Identification and Fixing: Identify and fix bugs or vulnerabilities in the manifest before production deployment.
  3. Upcoming ChatGPT Security Platform: Escape is working on a comprehensive ChatGPT Security platform with CI/CD integration, performance and load testing, 50+ security tests, and more.
  4. API Security Services: SecureGPT offers API Security services to help users find and fix bugs in their APIs before production.
  5. Contact and Support: The Escapetech team can be reached through email, Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub for any inquiries or support needs.

Use Cases:

• Assess and enhance the security of your OpenAI ChatGPT Plugin manifest.

• Identify and fix bugs or vulnerabilities before deploying your ChatGPT Plugin to production.

• Leverage upcoming features of the ChatGPT Security platform for enhanced security testing and integration.

Escape by SecureGPT and the API Security services offered by Escapetech provide developers with valuable tools and resources to ensure the security of their ChatGPT Plugins and APIs.

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