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Updated 02/14/2024
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AI-Powered EdTech SaaS connecting educators, learners, and parents globally

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Edaly is an AI-driven platform that revolutionizes remote education by connecting learners with quality education providers worldwide. Key features and advantages include:

  • Global access: Overcome geographic barriers to access top-quality education
  • Personalized learning: Advanced AI technology adapts to users' needs for tailored experiences
  • Streamlined teaching: Simplify teaching for educators with reduced administrative burdens
  • Child potential discovery: Helps parents identify their child's strengths, ideal study field, and IQ

Use cases for Edaly are ideal for various individuals:

  • Students seeking access to quality education regardless of location
  • Educators aiming to teach students globally with minimal hassle
  • Parents looking to unlock their child's full potential and discover their strengths

With pricing plans starting at $29/month and availability in over 150 countries, Edaly provides an all-in-one educational solution for the digital age.

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