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Ecrett Music is a music composing software that empowers content creators to quickly and easily create royalty-free music for their projects.

Added on July 24, 2023


Paid plans start from $7.99/mo

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Ecrett Music Features

Ecrett Music is a game-changing AI-driven music composing software designed to make music creation a breeze for content creators of all backgrounds. Whether you're a video creator, filmmaker, YouTuber, or anyone in need of music for your projects, Ecrett Music has you covered.

Key Features:

  1. AI-Driven Music Composer: Create royalty-free music quickly and conveniently with AI technology.
  2. Intuitive Interface: User-friendly platform that requires no prior music knowledge.
  3. Vast Music Library: Access over 500,000 music patterns every month to find the perfect track.
  4. Customization Options: Adjust instruments and structures to customize the music to match your project.
  5. Preview Option: Upload videos to review how the music matches the visuals.
  6. Multiple Pricing Plans: Free plan, individual plan, and business plan with various features and benefits.
  7. Guidelines for Proper Use: "Do's and Don'ts" ensure responsible usage of the music.

Use Cases:

  • Video Content: Enhance video content with high-quality and tailored background music.
  • Films and Short Films: Complement film projects with captivating and original soundtracks.
  • YouTube Creators: Find music for monetized YouTube videos to enhance viewer experience.
  • Gaming Content: Add immersive music to gaming content for a captivating player experience.
  • Ads and Commercials: Elevate ads and commercials with engaging and on-brand music.

Ecrett Music revolutionizes the way content creators approach music creation by providing a user-friendly and AI-driven platform. With a vast library of music patterns and customization options, users can effortlessly find and create music that perfectly matches their projects. Whether you're an individual creator or a business, Ecrett Music offers the right plan to cater to your needs while ensuring responsible and proper usage of the music created.

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