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AI Categories: audio editing

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Paid, $24.99/mo.
Updated 04/08/2024

Dubb is an AI-driven, automated marketing content generator designed for podcast creators. Key features and advantages include:

  • Content conversion: Transforms podcast audio into written and visual posts optimized for different platforms
  • Audience growth: Increases content visibility and outreach to grow the podcast audience
  • Flexible pricing: Offers Creator, Pro, and Enterprise plans to suit various podcasting needs

Use cases for Dubb cater to podcast creators seeking to enhance their content:

  • Podcasters looking to save time by automating the content creation process
  • Content marketers aiming to optimize content for different platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Businesses and organizations seeking to expand their podcast audience through engaging marketing content

Overall, Dubb offers an efficient solution for podcast creators to streamline their content generation and audience growth efforts.

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Rated 5 out of 5


Thibault B.

I'm absolutely impressed with Dubb! As a podcast creator, it has become my go-to tool for automating marketing content. The AI-driven features effortlessly convert my podcast audio into captivating written and visual posts, tailored for different platforms. It's like having a dedicated marketing team working behind the scenes to grow my podcast audience. The flexible pricing options make it accessible for creators at all levels. Dubb has truly revolutionized how I manage my content and reach a wider audience. Highly recommended for any podcaster or content marketer looking to save time and boost their podcast's visibility!